Work with me

Thank you for wanting to partner with my blog.

I am open to blog sponsorships, advertising and collaborations with brands and business owners that are related to my blog’s niche.

The different options for advertising on this blog includes – 


Sponsored Posts :

Which could either be written by me or by You

Available Sizes:

  1. Size 300×250
  2. Size 250×150

Social Media Mentions: This involves mentioning the brand on my social media platforms. If you have something more specialized in mind, I’d also love to hear from you.



I accept products to be reviewed and featured on my blog but i will only write about products that I like, fit my aesthetic and would recommend to my readers. All words and opinion will be mine regardless! Again, any products I get to be reviewed will be stated at the Beginning/End of the post.

Reviews of Places – Including galleries, hubs, retail outlets, cool spaces offering a different experience. If  you’ll like me to come over, have a feel and possibly do a feature on my blog, hit me up.



If you are interested in having me feature your product, brand or service in a giveaway, please also feel free to send me an email and tell me what you have in mind. 

For further discussions and to view my rates please contact me here.