I am writing this post knee deep in preparations for seminar and group project presentations, final papers and I couldn’t be more at ease. It’s finally here – ‘‘Tis the season to pack up and get ready for an longboard vacation before getting ready for medical school – yeah, I got you confused there. We’ll talk about that some other time – but before that, I need to get through my finals which I am excited to just put behind me” I did it, I made it and I’m officially four years down with chasing this Bsc degree and I’m overwhelmed with emotion. My excitement will be understood only by Nigerian students.

“With an education, you have everything you need to rise above all the noise and fulfill every last one of your dreams”

I could describe this past few years in very different ways but right now, I just feel really blessed to be able to say that I’m halfway done with University. My grades are excellent, I have pushed myself in so many ways that it’s unbelievable that I am not a different human being.
Starting this journey in 2014, nothing could have prepared me for the roller coaster that would be my life in the coming months and I mean nothing.
It feels like I have just run a marathon that I didn’t realize I was probably running and I won! Congratulations Desire!!
I’m not going to stop rambling about it. I’ll be a graduate in few months. It’s actually coming too soon but I’m quite excited about it.
I’m going to share a few lessons I learnt about life in the past few years and roadblocks that I managed to overcome as well.
Mama I made it!!! Just one semester left.

The very first lesson is #drumroll
Impostor syndrome is the feeling that you don’t belong in the university and it’s more common than you might think. I suffered from this and it was hard to shake it off adding to the fact that I was a mommy’s girl and I always craved my mom in my first year. I was homesick the whole semester. It makes people think and feel they aren’t good enough, smart enough or deserving enough. I am one of the shy students in my class and everyone seemed to be in a competition. They were always in class 2hours before the exact time for lectures and struggled to sit in the front row of the class. I remember feeling like I did not belong in class every single time and I constantly second guessed myself. It took a lot in me to shake that off and realized I’d graduate with a pass if I didn’t get CURED. I made friends with more experienced classmates to get help when I needed it.

Believe me or not, your friends make up 95% of the memories you’ll carry in your heart. Although you might not be in constant touch with every single one of them after graduation, you’ll have your fair share of stories to tell about them. How much they helped, how much fights and how much fun y’all had.

I realized that I needed a balance because at some point, I was tapped out. I would wake up daily felling so drained and not wanting to get out of bed. I was broke, confused, exhausted and over everything. I remember going home on a week day and cried to my mom that I just wanted to leave school and never go back. I had forgotten to take time for myself. I discovered this in my 3rd year and the difference has been clear. Take sometime for you and embrace yourself before you begin to embrace everything else.
I’m all out of lessons but I’m also going to share a few survival tips that helped me get through and i hope they help you too.

•Know your worth – Go into school knowing who you are and what you’re capable of.
•Work smart and not hard. Learn to read efficiently and quickly. Don’t stress it if can’t read it all, you’re not Wonder Woman/ man.
•Reach out to people who have been where you are – you aren’t the first person to get your degree.
•Own the process, it’s your education and your degree.
•Learn to take a breather – you don’t have to be on the go all the time. Take sometime to relax.
•Trust the process. It’s a journey on its own

Hit the comment section if you got your survival tips to share.

Love always,



  1. This post is really informative. Every undergraduate or soon to be undergraduate should read it! Well done and congratulations in advance!
    My survival tip is; do what works for you. You can never go wrong.

    1. Thank you Nacci. Not being a fan of school is not something new especially if you’re a Nigerian student. All the hustle for just a degree. God help us 🙂

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