About me

Fun facts about me.

Desire Chris.
Sometimes an enthusiast.
I look forward to sunrise and sunset, I sometimes wake up early just to watch the sun rise. Its a beau-ti-ful thing.
I’m a good cleaner, you should pay me someday to help you with that.
I love writing cos am not a good talker. In that case, am a shy person. I have two piercings and I don’t intend getting more.
I’m an extremely passive young lady. Stress helps no one. I dislike politics. I do not really fantasize about the fact that death is inevitable and scary.
I hope to still travel the world, read lots of books, write poetry and make beautiful memories.
There’s this unfathomable feeling I get when I read something extremely beautiful be it poetry or a text message. I feel it within every inch of my spine.
I love the little things of life that makes me smile regardless. Holding hands, hugs, kisses, time with friends and family, doodles, food and beautiful memories.
I learn everyday to forgive, let go of the past, live and let live, focus more on the bright side, love, trust and be thankful regardless. But most importantly, strive to get better.
Please come in. And I hope you remain.