Month: November 2018

Love Language

Love Language

Robert is 5. Robert lives in Enugu and is the 3rd child among his siblings. Every evening when his dad comes home from work, he loves to stay in the living room with his dad and talk about his day at school. Most times, daddy tells him how hectic his ...


Someone dies from a drug overdose or a slit wrist even more hangs himself and everyone says "he was depressed", "he could have talked to someone", "last time i spoke to him/saw him,he seemed pretty okay to me". Now the last sentence is the one we read more often under ...

My Knight In Shadows- Love’s messenger

Teach me He does to me what winter does to the trees He strips me bare,naked and empty I laugh to myself because i can't sing, its just.... He makes me want to try and harmonize Like,like i've got no worries bothering me tomorrow Like i've got no dirty clothes ...

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